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Smutty Social Media, March 15, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at March 15, 2018 18:15:23 March 15, 2018 18:15:23

There was a rumour that these two broke up but apparently they are still together. I have watched all of Stranger Things but I don’t ship any of the cast or couples (fiction or non-fiction). And my biggest complaint about the show is that it is too aware of what the Internet says about it, it leans into the fandom too much, which is why I think Charlie’s character went from lovably tragic to actively good looking and heroic. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, March 14, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at March 14, 2018 18:24:36 March 14, 2018 18:24:36

I know this mugshot isn’t new (TMZ posted it in 2012) but it is a good #TBT (as I’ve said, Armie is better on Instagram than he is on Twitter). He was arrested for pot brownies – a whopping .02 ounces of weed. Did they make him change into a striped jumpsuit? It looks like a costume in a high school production of Shawshank Redemption. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, March 9, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at March 9, 2018 18:30:11 March 9, 2018 18:30:11
Kevin Mazur/ Phillip Faraone/ David Crotty/ JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images

“I loved you in Slumdog Millionaire!” A day may come when I am not mistaken for another brown actor. But it is not this day. — Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) March 8, 2018   Every time I get recognized for you I think “man I wish it were true:)” — Kunal Nayyar (@kunalnayyar) March 8, 2018 Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, March 7, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at March 7, 2018 19:34:24 March 7, 2018 19:34:24
Backgrid, NBC/ Getty Images

A short American Idol clip of Katy Perry saying “wig” with a contestant is making the rounds on Twitter. She went on Kimmel shortly thereafter (after partying all night at Guy Oseary and Madonna’s Oscars after-party) and explained what “wig” means. Of course Katy Perry is expected to bring the social media buzz – this reboot is really riding on her. Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, March 6, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at March 6, 2018 19:41:44 March 6, 2018 19:41:44

I am very into this reboot of The Next Best Thing (except obviously this would be good). True story: I met @TiffanyHaddish last night and she suggested having a child together. We'd both had some drinks so I'm not sure what will happen, I'm just saying it could be an interesting year. Full Story

Smutty Social Media, February 28, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at February 28, 2018 18:53:07 February 28, 2018 18:53:07

Demi Lovato’s mother Dianna has written a book (this isn’t a case of a rogue relative – Demi appears on the cover and wrote the forward). I read the excerpt in PEOPLE and I’m very interested in the rest because both Demi and Dianna have been through treatment, so there’s insight into addiction and mental health. Full Story