Reese Witherspoon: MET Most Improved

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 2, 2017 06:33:11 May 2, 2017 06:33:11

I know. I can’t believe it either.

But let’s remind ourselves what Reese Witherspoon looked like the last time she was at the MET Gala, in 2015, when the theme was China: Through The Looking Glass:

Reese 2015

Basically, she didn’t bother.

Here’s what Reese wore to the Oscars in 2016:

Reese 2016

So it puts last night’s Mugler in perspective, doesn’t it? That is not a shoulder I expected to see on Reese Witherspoon. But it’s definitely an attempt to meet the theme by pushing her style limits. I appreciate that. I would have appreciated it more if it were a different colour. Because this is a pretty safe blue. Which kinda mutes the effect of that one side, making it more palatable to the Facebook MiniVan. Imagine it in white though, a white that you can’t run away from, a white where that shoulder point doesn’t get eaten up by the background. Small steps. Maybe next year.  

TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ Frank Trapper/ Sean Zanni/ Alo Ceballos/ Karwai Tang/ Venturelli/ Rabbani and Solimene Photography/ Getty Images

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